Horse solarium for the highest demands

Over the recent years, we have noted a trend with our clients in search for improved function and efficiency for horse solaria. The engineers at WARENDORFER SOLAR PLANTS have presented the answer to these requests: Flexible design, simple operation and use via single control module and intelligent warm air showers distinguish the products from WARENDORFER SOLAR PLANTS.

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Dedicated solar radiation for every demand

Why solar radiation?

Read what enthusiastic users of WARENDORFER horse solaria say:

  • Quicker drying of horses
  • Decomposition of lactic acid and metabolic slags
  • Natural production of vitamin D3
  • Improved the elasticity and performance
  • Reduced susceptibility to infectious diseases
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Better breeding results
  • Warming-up and conditioning of muscular tissue and tendons
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Quality with no compromise

High-quality material, excellent workmanship, design optimized in form and function and commendable ease of handling and operation are prime features of WARENDORFER SOLAR PLANTS.

The strictly modular design of the WARENDORFER SOLAR PLANTS ensures their perfect adaptation to local installation criteria, specific demand and financial budgets, too.

Existing systems can be upgraded at any later date.

This is what you may expect!

Our customers are placing increasing demands on functionality and efficiency. The engineers at WARENDORFER SOLARANLAGEN address these requests in a perfect manner.

Flexible design, exemplary ease of use via a single control unit and intelligent warm air showers are the hallmarks of their premium solaria.

We welcome your challenge. Get in touch and benefit from our professional advice.

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