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Solariums for horses | EQUUS DESIGN PRODUCTS

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  • Solariums for horses | EQUUS DESIGN PRODUCTS
  • Equine solarium PRIVILEG-S
  • Warendorfer solarium PRIVILEG-S with additional neck elements
  • Equine solarium PRIVILEG from the Warendorfer solarium series

Equine solarium model PRIVILEG-S

The three high-quality, light-fast polyester housings of the PRIVILEG-S model of the Warendorf solarium series ensure uniform and intensive infrared radiant heat. For the well-being of your horses.

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Horse solarium | PRIVILEG-S

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Equine solarium impressions

  • Equine solaria | Warendorfer Solaranlagen | healthy horses
  • warendorfer-horse-solaria-privileg-7
  • Horse Solarium PRIVILEG-S
  • Horse Solarium PRIVILEG-S
  • warendorfer-horse-solaria-privileg-12
  • warendorfer-horse-solaria-control-box-1
  • warendorfer-horse-solaria-privileg-9
  • Horse Solarium PRIVILEG-S
  • warendorfer-horse-solaria-privileg-4
  • Horse Solarium PRIVILEG-S
  • warendorfer-horse-solaria-privileg-6
  • Horse Solarium PRIVILEG-S
  • Horse Solarium PRIVILEG-S
  • Horse Solarium PRIVILEG-S

Product information | Equine solarium model PRIVILEG-S

Modellbeschreibung Scope of delivery Technical data Benefits

Warendorfer Solarium I Model PRIVILEG-S

Top performance for ambitious light therapy targets!

Compact power pack

The PRIVILEG-S model of the Warendorf solarium series offers a uniform and intensive infrared radiant heat due to its three sturdy polyester housings. Equine solariums, such as the PRIVILEG-S model, are not only an important part of caring for your horse but also contribute to its well-being and health.

Our WARENDORFER SOLARIUMS are known for their high-quality materials, excellent quality and durability. Our horse solariums are available in different expansion stages, which can, therefore, meet different mounting situations, requirements and budgets.

The PRIVILEG-S equine solarium can be further extended at any point with a motorised lift, Warendorfer hot showers and neck elements.

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Scope of delivery

Warendorfer Solarium | model PRIVILEG-S

Solarium for horses

  • 3 Polyester-housing, semi sealed
  • 1 Support track
  • 1 Control box with timer and selector switches
  • 1 Chain suspension
  • 24 Infrared bulbs ea. 250 watt
  • 6 Ultraviolet bulbs ea. 300 watt
  • 30 Protective grille for bulbs



  • Extra neck element
  • Motorised lift
  • Warendorfer warm air-shower
  • Coin timer/ Chip machine


We gladly advise you in person:

+49 2532 96270

2. Produktbild Horse solarium | PRIVILEG-S
Technical data

Solarium for horses 



Number of polyester housing: 3
Infrared-bulbs, 250 watt: 24
Ultraviolet-bulbs, 300 Watt: 6
Total output: 7,800 watt
Power supply: 400/230 volt  - 50 Hz
Electrical protections: 3 x 16 ampere slow acting
Total dimension (LxWxH): 1,915 mm x 2,050 mm x 585 mm
Total weight approx: 117 kg








We gladly advise you in person:

+49 2532 96270

3. Produktbild Horse solarium | PRIVILEG-S

More successful with light therapy. Why?

Light therapy before riding

  • Loosening and warming up the muscles prevents tendon and muscle injuries.


Light therapy after riding

  • Fast-drying, significantly reduced risk of catching colds
  • Muscles relax, stress is reduced


Frequent light therapy

  • Improves metabolic processes, your horse becomes more vital and efficient
  • Increased resilience
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Increased resilience
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Stabilisation of the circulation
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Faster breakdown of lactic acid and slag
  • Tension release in the back area
  • Natural vitamin D3 formation
  • Activation of the hormone balance, increase in menstrual activity
  • Well-balanced and calmer horses
  • More intensive blood circulation, faster wound healing


We would be happy to advise you personally:

+49 2532 96270



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