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Horse solarium for the health of horses

Interesting facts about horse solarium

6 things you should know about a horse solarium

1. The heat of the infrared and ultraviolet emitters ensures faster drying of your horse. You can enhance this effect with a warm air shower, where the warm exhaust air is blown onto the horse's back.
2. To avoid muscle soreness, the breakdown of lactic acid is important.
3. Ultraviolet - tanning supports the formation of vitamin D3, and thus promotes growth and bone formation.
4. The immune system is strengthened by ultraviolet tanning, which increases resistance to infectious diseases.
5. Regular tanning leads to increased blood circulation, your horse's circulation is stabilized and performance reserves are increased.
6. To prevent tendon and muscle injuries, the infrared heaters warm and loosen your horse's muscles before training. After training, they ensure that the muscles relax.